We are citizens concerned about the discrepancies and discriminations within our city government. We understand the growing concern regarding our city officials and would like to help.
Through various organizations, our members support our country by donating time and money to fight corrupt government officials and employees. These organizations have successfully unseated numerous officials, both elected and salaried, including mayors, judges, county Chairman of Commissioners, Commissioners, council members, police officers, and state board members, by exposing their inappropriate behavior. Their inappropriate behavior was paid for by our tax dollars. We find and publish information that the newspapers will not provide.
Continue to watch this site for stories that affect you, such as:
1. Who contributes to the campaign of your elected officials, and what privileges their contributions buys them.
2. Why local newspapers do not publish negative facts regarding city officials.
3. Why we have security searches at Johns Creek Public Meetings.  Should the police officer be used to intimidate a citizen from free speech, or to intimidate the officials adversaries.
4. Why is a highly opposed zoning approved, while a zoning with no opposition is denied.
5. The elected officials spend many thousands of dollars to get elected, but are paid less than the amount spent. Why they make such a negative investment.
6)  Why would the City need a corporation giving certain City officials the authority to pay themselves whatever amount they want (separate from their payments from the City )?
7)  We think some elected officials may be violating the “Hobbs Act”, codified at 18 U.S.C.,paragraph 1951 on a frequent basis.
8)  The Department of Justice has been contacted with possible discrimination acts by the City officials concerning housing and employment.
Let your voice be heard.  Register to vote:
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